Berwyn Veterans Memorial

Bill Dehaven

Pat Dehaven

Jack Ansley

Bill Bellhew

John Lamborn

Ted Lamborn

Neil McAloon

Fred Nudy

Nancy Ward

The Memorial Architects

Lyman Perry, is a distinguished USNA graduate and veteran of the Cuban Missle crisis and Vietnam. When asked by Bill DeHaven if he would help locate and design a flagpole and bench down the street he enthusiastically volunteered the design services of his firm to execute and assist in raising the funds needed to build a creative and unique memorial for the Veterans.


    Mathew Moger, is a Principal with Lyman Perry Architects. He has taken on the challenge of architecting the Veterans Memorial to create something that is simultaneously reverential and celebratory to the Veterans and at the same time a centerpiece of the Townships and the Berwyn locale. Matthew received his Bachelors and Masters in Architecture from the University of Buffalo and is the driving and designing force of Moger-Perry Furniture.     Scott Sampson of Lyman Perry Architects, Ltd., as the youngest of the participating architects, has enjoyed working with people that have experienced our past wars and carry strongly felt perspectives that may differ from, but are not more deeply held than his own. Scott also appreciated the opportunity to work with stainless steel which he thinks may come to be thought of as a larger part of what the memorial symbolizes in the men and women it honors.