The Berwyn Veterans Memorial Committee, as part of its effort to erect a Veterans Memorial, is compiling a record of Tredyffrin and Easttown's citizen soldiers - men and women who at some time in their lives lived here and who served in the armed forces. A booklet, listing our citizen soldiers will be published and distributed and a permanent exhibit with their names will be placed in the Tredyffrin local history and education center to be built using the Jones log barn in the Wilson Farm Park.

Using historical data, we have identified more than 1900 veterans who have served at some time during the period from the French and Indian War through the Vietnam War. While our listing is comprehensive through WWI, we know that our records from WWII to the present are incomplete.

We need the help of area Veterans and residents to identify all of the veterans who served from WWII to the present and who lived in Tredyffrin or Easttown for any portion of their lives.. We ask any Veteran or anyone who knows of any veterans who are living or have lived here to complete the form below or send us the information to VETERANS MEMORIAL COMMITTEE, PO BOX 201, BERWYN, PA 19312. We would like the following information about each Veteran:

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Branch of Service:
Theater/Country Served:
When Served: FROM YEAR: TO YEAR:

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Don't worry about duplicating anyone else's efforts. Please send us information on all veterans you know. We'll take care of duplication. If you don't have all of the above information, send us what you can. Any contributions to offset the cost of printing the citizen soldier booklet and creating the citizen soldier exhibit will be appreciated and recognized - please click here for details on how to contribute.