Conestoga High School Plaque - Dedicated May 26, 2004

The Berwyn Veterans Memorial donated a bronze plaque at Conestoga High School bearing the names of 38 Conestoga graduates who lost their lives while serving the United States Armed Forces during World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

The plaque was dedicated at the High School on Wednesday May 26, 2004

Neil McAloon, a Vietnam veteran and member of the Berwyn Veterans Memorial Committtee, said he believes "it is important for people who gave their lives for the country to be remembered where they grew up."

"It’s also worthwhile for students today to see the sacrifices made for our country."

TE Veterans who lost their lives while serving the United States Armed Forces whose names have been compiled so far:

Calvin Graeser
Harry J. Miller

Edward Baumguard
William M Francis
Isiah Keith
Jacob Lehman
Raymond McLaughlin
John B. Webb

World War II:
Daniel Alleva
Thomas G. Armstrong
Matthew M. Barbour
John Bartosh Jr.
Edwin Benner
Louis J. Colona
William H. Cunningham III
John DiMarino
Dominic A. Gelormo
John J. Hobson
Maurice S. Houston
Richard V. LaRue
Robert. J. Miller
Charles F. Morris
Thomas E. Parlman
Robert T. Penlington
Robert W. Pyle
David A. Stauffer Jr.
James D. Sweeney
John C. Wright

World War I:
Thomas Levering Bolster
Carmiene Carizza
Leroy Dalton
Everett Henry
Chas J. Kramer
Lewis G. Smith
Christian Wanzel
Walter H. Walker
Edgar Weaver

We need the help of area residents to make sure our list is complete. Please call Neil McAloon at 610-647-7346 to provide information.